End User License Agreement

About this Agreement:

This is an agreement between you (the purchaser) and tsoomoo.com & Stroke Ltd. (trading as tsoomoo.com). I (Enkhtsolmon Khishgee, the copyright holder) have tried to write this in simple language that I hope is easy to understand. If you have any questions, or you don’t know whether this license permits your intended use, please contact me for clarification before purchasing the Tsoomoo.com.

Your Rights:

As with most end user licenses, you are purchasing a license to use this Tsoomoo.com – you are not purchasing the copyright to the design of the Set, but rather just the rights to use the Set. This Virtual Studio Set for Vmix is ‘royalty free’ so once you’ve purchased it, you are free to use it (subject to this Agreement) for personal and commercial projects without any additional fees. You will receive an email confirming your purchase, with a link to download the relevant files. Because the products are delivered digitally.


You can download and install the files on your own computers provided that they all belong to you. You can make archival copies only for your own purposes. You may not distribute the files to other people outside your organization, but you may temporarily provide the files to a graphic designer, developer or other person who is working on your behalf, provided they agree to use the files exclusively for your project, agree to the terms of this Agreement, and retain no copies of the files upon completion of the work.


You may use your own imagery in conjunction with these sets (specifically background images, plasma or monitor screen sources), and you may also modify the base studio layers (eg changing colours within the set).


These files are for the use of the license holder only. They are not for re-sale under any circumstances. Unless expressly stated above, you may not redistribute, sell, share, rent, load, give, sublicense, or otherwise transfer them. You may not ‘pass off’ these files as your own, or as those of any other person or organisation. The tsoomoo.com is provided “as is”, and neither I (Enkhtsolmon Khishgee), Stroke Ltd., tsoomoo.com nor any of their officers, employees, managers, members, shareholders, directors or suppliers, shall be liable for any damages, whether direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental, arising out of or relating to the use of, or the inability to use, these Virtual Studio Sets for Vmix.


Demo versions are not permitted for broadcast or public use of any kind. They are for your own (private) evaluation and testing purposes only, and may not be shared or viewed outside your own organisation. You may not remove, or attempt to remove, the watermarks.

Good Faith:

You are granted the rights to use this Virtual Studio Sets for Vmix in good faith, and by making a purchase you are promising to adhere to the terms of this Agreement to the best of your ability, and in good faith.

tsoomoo.com is owned and run by Enkhtsolmon Khishgee. tsoomoo.com is a trading name of Stroke Ltd. Registered in Mongolia No.5074231

Email any time : admin@tsoomoo.com